Salt Water Flow Battery Technology at less than $100 per kW


Salt Water Battery Technology

Salgenx (division of Infinity Turbine LLC) is developing a revolutionary saltwater flow battery which also acts as a thermal battery.

Compared to a Tesla Megapack, this is a much lower cost option and available in about 6 months or less compared to two year wait time.

Does not use any Lithium.

Using a CO2 heat pump, you can double down on the payback for this new concept of a battery which stores heat as well as power.

When combined with a ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) turbine, this concept is further extended to produce power.

Use this large scale battery storage for purchasing power during off-peak times, then using power during on-peak daylight times to save money.

Technology Review


Salt Water Flow Battery Tech

Salt Water Flow Battery Tech

Infinity Turbine Radial Outflow Turbine Generator which can be used simultaneously as a heat pump

Infinity Turbine Radial Outflow Turbine Generator which can be used simultaneously as a heat pump

As a simultaneous Thermal Storage Device

Considered a hybrid between a standard flow battery and a thermal storage device, the battery provides simultaneous heat or cold liquid storage as well as electrical energy storage.

The Cogen Battery has a variety of applications which include:

-storage of thermal energy (heating or cooling) from unused thermal resources

-storage of electrical power for backup power and grid strength

-utility grid power rate mining opportunities to store off-peak low cost power for later use during demand (on-peak) hours

-storage of thermal energy for Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) power production while simultaneously storing the electrical output from the turbine generator

-using off-peak low cost power to make heating and cooling for later use

-reducing peak demand utility rates by peak energy shaving


Salgenx Infinity Turbine License Savings and User Savings Comparison

Salgenx Infinity Turbine License Savings and User Savings Comparison


Heat Pump

A heat pump is almost exactly like a ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) system, which uses phase change to provide work to produce heat or cooling.

In the case of a ORC system, the pressure reducing valve is replaced with an expander which mechanically rotates a electrical generator to make power.

A heat pump has a high COP (Coefficient of Performance - is defined as the relationship between the power (kW) that is drawn out of the heat pump as cooling or heat, and the power (kW) that is supplied to the compressor) when compared to resistance heating.

We have also been able to have a high COP with our cavitating discs in liquids that cavitate (water, CO2, and refrigerants).

The advantage of a heat pump is that you can use off peak power to produce heating or cooling into a liquid, and then use that thermal resource during the on peak hours for huge cost savings. We term this utility grid price arbitrage.

Plug and Play

Plug and Play

Saltwater Battery

The Salgenx saltwater battery is a flow battery system, which requires two large tanks that hold fluid electrolytes. One tank is dedicated to salt water (add NaCL to water). The saltwater tank may be used for thermal storage.

Fluids are circulated through electrodes, which regulate the input and output of electricity from the battery.

The battery does not use a membrane, which is common on a redox flow battery.

The absence of the membrane saves huge up front purchase costs, maintenance, and consumable expenses.

The amount of electrolyte flowing in the electrochemical stack at any moment is rarely more than a few percent of the total amount of electrolyte present (for energy ratings corresponding to discharge at rated power for two to eight hours). Flow can easily be stopped during a fault condition. As a result, system vulnerability to uncontrolled energy release in the case of RFBs is limited by system architecture to a few percent of the total energy stored.

The energy capacity is a function of the electrolyte volume and the power is a function of the surface area of the electrodes.

Redox flow batteries (RFB)

Nernst equation

Saltwater battery technology and unlimited manufacturing licensing is now available

Saltwater battery technology and unlimited manufacturing licensing is now available

License to Manufacture and Sell

Licensing is now available for the saltwater battery technology. This system has two electrolyte tanks, one of which is salt water (brine). It does not have nor use a membrane.

For: Flow battery manufacturing and contract builders who want access to the $35 per kW USA Federal tax credit (if eligible for the system and business structure). Note: Credits may be sold to a unrelated party .

Two production tiers:

Tier One Price: $999,999 Production <101 units per year

Tier Two Price: $1,999,999 > 100 units per year


A: 3000 kW and 6000 kW saltwater flow battery design based on using tank shipping containers or tank trailers (of course you can use any tank which holds liquid).

B: System design and flow diagrams including PID for flows based on using Filemaker database software. Includes liquid flow routing, electrode design and fabrication, assembly, manufacturing strategy.

C: Unlimited build license worldwide (exclusive territory optional).

D: Access to fee based consulting, startup, installation, on-demand maintenance communication contract and more.

E: Updates: 180 days from purchase for electrode and system updates. Additional updates as option.

F: Yearly subscription fee for design updates including product enhancements and more.

G: Suppliers lists for components.

H: QR Code based Filemaker database for on-demand purchase of any consumables including electrode components and catalysts.

I: In-house manufacturing versus contractor supplied parts for assembly strategies. Note: Using contractors and only assembling parts may reduce tax credit.

J: Cogeneration strategies including heat pump capacities for simultaneous thermal storage (currently being developed and will be released during yearly updates).

K: Parts list for purchase from Infinity Turbine LLC including catalysts and fully assembled electrodes.

L: User manuals for operation, maintenance, suppliers, and consumables.

This licensing is provided by Infinity Turbine LLC and Salgenx.

Licenses are for purchaser only and may not be repackaged or resold.

Filemaker database software is required to access database files. Windows, Mac, and IOS devices.

Licensing Info

Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 – Federal Tax Credits. Starts January 1, 2023. Ends

Transfer of credit: Manufacturers may also elect to transfer all, or a portion, of the tax credits for a given year to an unrelated eligible taxpayer. Payments for the credit must be made in cash and are not considered a taxable event (i.e. no taxes are owed on receiving the payment and no deduction is possible for making the payment). A penalty of 20% may apply where excess credit occurred. H.R.5376 – Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, Section 6418. The transferee cannot further transfer any credits it received in the transfer.

Infinity Turbine Cogeneration, Turbine, Heat Pump, and Thermal Storage

NACS North American Charging Standard EV (image courtesy of Tesla)

NACS North American Charging Standard EV (image courtesy of Tesla)

NACS Tesla Plug for Charging AC and DC

Salgenx will be offering the NACS Tesla plug as part of its connectivity options to allow direct charging of electric vehicles.

From @Teslamotors #Tesla: With more than a decade of use and 20 billion EV charging miles to its name, the Tesla charging connector is the most proven in North America, offering AC charging and up to 1 MW DC charging in one slim package. It has no moving parts, is half the size, and twice as powerful as Combined Charging System (CCS) connectors.

Opening the North American Charging Standard

The design and specification files are available for download, and we are actively working with relevant standards bodies to codify Tesla’s charging connector as a public standard.

North American Charging Standard TS-0023666

Tesla opens up its charging connector in a bid to become the North American standard


S3000 Revenue for Salgenx Salt Water Flow Battery

S3000 Revenue for Salgenx Salt Water Flow Battery

S6000 Revenue for Salgenx Salt Water Flow Battery

S6000 Revenue for Salgenx Salt Water Flow Battery

Simultaneous brine treatment and energy storage with lithium mining bonus

Simultaneous brine treatment and energy storage with lithium mining bonus

What is Brine

What is brine?

In general, brine is any solution with an extremely high concentration of salts, such as sodium chloride, which can occur either naturally (as with seawater, deep-water ocean pools, salt lakes, producer water from oil and gas drilling) or as a byproduct of industry. These byproducts, or brine waste streams, are typically highly concentrated salt solutions that, in some cases, contain more than twice the amount of concentrated salts than natural brine solutions.

Brine waste streams can also be highly concentrated with total dissolved solids (TDS), such as waste streams in many chemical manufacturing processes, and they can be some of the most challenging to treat or discharge because their composition and purification requirements are dynamic and complex.

Some examples of brine waste created as a byproduct of industry include:

-cooling tower and boiler effluent

-reverse osmosis (RO) and ion exchange waste/reject streams

-produced water from extracting oil and natural gas

chlor-alkali and chemical plant waste

-acid rock and mine drainage

-food preservation and manufacturing waste streams

-desalination waste from potable water creation

irrigation runoff

Our novel solution is treating this solution considered and expensive headache, into a battery technology system.

Elon Musk and Tesla even think that recovery of lithium from brine is worth patenting. However, they are not the first to do so. (1962 Lithium from Brine Patent)

Seawater battery desalination with a reverse osmosis membrane for simultaneous brine treatment and energy storage

Everything You Should Know About Saltwater Batteries

Tesla patent reveals Elon Musk’s table salt lithium extraction process that could slash costs

Recovery of Lithium from Brines from 1962


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