Salgenx Saltwater Flow Battery Versus Tesla MegaPack Simulation


Comparison Between Salgenx Saltwater Battery and Tesla Lithium Grid-Scale Battery

Financial Performance

• The gross profit from Tesla's energy storage sales is near $1.2 billion, showcasing a substantial increase in profitability due to the ramping volumes of Megapack deployments.

Comparison Between Salgenx Saltwater Battery and Tesla Lithium Grid-Scale Battery

Tesla Lithium Grid-Scale Battery

Market Growth and Capacity

• Tesla has shown rapid growth in energy storage deployments over the past few years. The data illustrates a consistent increase in capacity, doubling or even tripling every year.

• This year, Tesla is on track to deploy 40 GWh of energy storage capacity, indicating a significant expansion with much more room for future growth.



Salgenx Saltwater Battery

Cost and Versatility

• The Salgenx saltwater battery is a competitive alternative to Tesla's lithium batteries, offering the same MWh storage capacity but at a lower cost.

• The versatility of Salgenx batteries sets them apart, as they can perform multiple functions beyond energy storage:

1. Thermal Energy Storage (TES): Capable of liquid heat or cold storage.

2. Desalination: Can be used for desalination processes.

3. Graphene Production: Has the capability to produce graphene.

4. EDM Machining: Can perform Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) while charging.

5. Tax Credits: Eligible for USA tax credits for battery manufacturing and energy storage, which further reduces the overall cost.


• While Tesla's lithium grid-scale batteries are leading the market with rapid sales growth and significant profitability, Salgenx's saltwater batteries offer a compelling alternative with additional functionalities and lower costs.

• Tesla's current market dominance is evident with their ambitious deployment targets and high gross profits. However, the unique features and cost advantages of Salgenx's batteries position them as a strong competitor in the grid-scale battery market.

This comparison highlights the strengths and opportunities of both technologies, showing how Salgenx could potentially disrupt the market with its multi-functional and cost-effective energy storage solutions.

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Tesla Energy Storage Deployments.

See chart.

Note: Salgenx has about 1,200 potential orders from interested parties. Representing 3,600 GW of deployment and about $1,800,000,000 in potential sales with each 3,000 kWh battery priced at $1,500,000 (far below same size Tesla Megapack).


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