Salgenx Saltwater Flow Battery Distributor License


Distributor License

Salgenx is now offering distributor licenses.

• Purchase one S3000 Salgenx Saltwater Battery to demo for clients or to sell.

• Includes one country exclusive per license. More countries may be added, with additional battery purchases.

• Minimum sales per year starts at five units (S3000's or above). Larger countries may have higher sales quotas to renew license.

• All sales leads from your country are automatically forwarded to you from our website.

• You may advertise for your country.

• Distributor License is automatically renewed with minimum sales each year.

• If minimum is not met, Salgenx may offer distributorship to other groups.

• Unless we have a factory in or near your country, batteries will be built and shipped from USA.

• For sales beyond the first unit, you may wish to use containers sourced locally, and then purchase a assembly kit (ships in one container versus shipping three containers for the S3000).

Email: Salgenx Distributor License

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