Salgenx S6000 SaltWater Battery

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Saltwater Redox Flow Battery Technology Report Salgenx has released its Saltwater Redox Flow Battery Technology Report, a pivotal resource that delves into the century-old technology recently validated by a $7 million US Military investment and experiments by the Pacific Northwest Laboratory. More Info

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Salgenx S6000 Salt Water Flow Battery

The Salgenx S6000 is two S3000's sharing the same command and control container with extra electrolyzer stacks. Utilizing economies of scale make this system less expensive to manufacture. The salt water redox flow battery does not use a membrane, but utilizes the immiscible liquids to separate liquid electrolytes. The key feature of the flow battery is one of the electrolytes, which is brine, or salt water. Systems can be configured by numbering up the S3000 into a RAID system up to 18 megawatts.


End User Chart

User savings when grid mining arbitrage (buying off peak power at night and then using during the day to offset on peak power rates).

User savings when using optional thermal battery functions.

Salgenx Savings and Cogen pdf



Salgenx S6000

Line drawing of system configuration.

Salgenx S6000 Line Drawing pdf



Salgenx S6000 Manufacturer Revenue and Tax Credits

Revenue and tax credits.

Salgenx S6000 Manufacturer and Tax Credits pdf



Salgenx S6000 Manufacturer Analysis

Analysis of manufacturing.

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Configuration may vary depending on options

Configuration may vary depending on options

Salgenx S6000 6 MWhr Completed Battery Pack System 48V

Description: 6,000 kWh Completed Battery System.

48-480V (other voltages and configurations available)

Measurements: Tank Containers with Command and Control Container.


Over the road tankers and Command and Control Van.

You supply water, salt, off-the-shelf counter electrolyte.

Price:(1-5) $5,000,000

Price: After 6 units $3,000,000

Price: After 12 units $2,000,000

In Stock: Custom order.

Order Time For More: 6-12 months.

Shipping: To any USA lower 48 location.

Order Now: Shipping within 3 days of in-stock.

Support: Support is an additional option.

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