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Ground Power Unit Using Saltwater to Replace Lithium Power Source

Salgenx is building saltwater flow demo units for the Infinity GPU (Ground Power Unit) on a hand truck platform. These expandable systems use liquid electrolyte stored in IBC totes and work alongside Victron inverters and charge controllers for enhanced performance. Discover the innovative capabilities of this sustainable power solution.



Salgenx is in the process of developing saltwater flow demonstration units specifically designed for the Infinity GPU (Ground Power Unit) using a hand truck platform.

These demo units consist of single cells that can be easily expanded to either 12V or 24V, depending on the vertical arrangement of the cells. The liquid electrolyte will be stored in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) for efficient management.

To harness the system's potential, the Infinity GPU will be utilized alongside Victron inverters and charge controllers, enabling seamless integration and optimized performance.

Infinity Turbine GPU shown with lithium batteries to be replaced by saltwater batteries

Infinity Turbine GPU shown with lithium batteries to be replaced by saltwater batteries

GPU Options

A. Diverse Charging Options: The system supports intelligent MPPT solar panel charging as well as AC-based charging through various sources such as AC generators, AC inverted solar panels, AC wind energy, grid power, and shore power.

B. Clean Power Output: The inverter generates pure sine wave AC power, ensuring high-quality and stable electricity.

C. Versatile Power Outputs: The standard configuration offers a 110V 60Hz output. Additionally, there are optional configurations for 220-240V AC output and 50Hz frequency, providing flexibility to suit different requirements.

D. Convenient Smartphone Monitoring: Battery monitoring is conveniently available on the cart, and you can also monitor it remotely through your computer or smartphone via a dedicated app.

E. Expandable Capability: The Commercial Cart offers scalability, allowing you to easily incorporate additional batteries to expand the system's overall capacity.


GPU Development for Portable Power

Infinity Turbine is currently working on a cutting-edge project: a portable Ground Power Unit (GPU) inspired by the innovative Salgenx Saltwater battery concept.

This convenient system, mounted on a cart, offers effortless mobility, making it suitable for various locations such as job sites, homes, mobile setups, and marine environments. It allows for easy connectivity to different power sources, including PV panels, wind generators, backup generators, or grid power, enabling efficient charging.

The standard Infinity GPU model is equipped with Lithium batteries. However, an upcoming version will introduce a separate hand cart featuring Salgenx electrolyzers and electrolyte storage containers. This enhancement promises improved performance and functionality.


Portable Mobile GPU Hand Cart

Experience the freedom of off-grid power with our innovative mobile GPU hand cart. Whether you're in need of electricity for your residence, cabin, boat, or remote workplace, this self-contained power solution has got you covered.

With its convenient hand cart design, you can effortlessly transport it between your home, garage, or even your weekend retreat.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Aviation edition, specially tailored to provide a reliable GPU for aircrafts while also catering to essential equipment in your hangar.


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