Salgenx Lift Pump System featuring Tesla Disc Pump Technology

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Salgenx Lift Pump System featuring Tesla disc pump technology for viscous fluids

Salgenx Lift Pump System

The Salgenx Lift Pump System is design to pump saltwater and viscous fluids.

For the saltwater flow battery application, it has piping and fixtures which are electrolyte material compliant to resist corrosion from environmental conditions from saltwater.

Each bulk liquid electrolyte tank will have a pump.

Salgenx Lift Pump System (pdf)

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Salgenx Lift Pump System featuring Tesla disc pump technology for viscous fluids

Salgenx Patented Modular Block Pump System


Features of the Salgenx Lift Pump:

Safety: E-stop. Magnetic drive guard. On/off.

Variable frequency Drive: variable flow depending on liquid type.

Sensor Platform: standard 1/4 inch threaded inputs for sensors for manual and automated operation

Disc Pump: Patented modular block design driven by a magnetic coupling and stainless steel washdown motor. The pump is a modular bolt-together design for ease of maintenance and can be T-rack mounted for easy lift-in, lift-out servicing.

U Manifold: Typically made from PVC for saltwater or other corrosive liquids which allow multi-port input or output of pumped liquids. Manifold allows multiple sensor installation. Modular couplings allow multi-function applications from piping to sensor installation.

Cart: Infinity Caster Beam System with standard bolt-together assembly (by human or robot). The cart can easily be tipped slightly to transform into a hand cart for ease of movement through any standard door, hallway, or elevator. The unit can be mounted to any standard container.

Salgenx Patented Modular Block Pump

Salgenx Patented Modular Block Pump

Salgenx Patented Modular Block Pump

Salgenx Lift Pump System

Benefits of a Salgenx Lift Pump

Unlike standard pumps with a myriad of pipes and valves, the Salgenx purpose-built pump system is designed for an efficient layout for pumping viscous fluids in a flow battery while in demanding environments.

The industrial grade stainless steel washdown motor is driven by a VFD, which can have the RPM manually or automatically preset for various types of fluids. With a PID feedback loop using sensors, it can vary RPM depending on fluid type.

Using automated valves, a PID can derive flows according to charging, discharging, electrolyte tank recirculation, filling and servicing bulk liquid tanks.

The benefits of using a Tesla disc pump include cavitation-free pumping, less blade erosion, and ceramic coated blades for corrosion resistant operation.

The entire system fits through any standard door, hallway, or elevator and can be tilted like a hand-cart for ease of mobility.

The Infinity Caster Beams allow ease in assembly and reconfiguration by using 3/8 inch bolt-together powder coated beams (forklift ready).

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