Collaboration Manufacturing License for the Salgenx Saltwater Flow Battery

CML Collaboration Manufacturing License

Salgenx and Infinity Turbine LLC is now considering collaborative manufacturing.

What is CML ?

CML or collaborative manufacturing license allows multiple groups to combine efforts and funding for one license. This allows the entry point to be more accessible and gives groups comparative advantage.

For example, a tank manufacturer, with a BMI builder, along with a small fabrication shop may wish to combine forces to make one product.

This allows the challenges of commercialization to be spread amongst partners.

Information Flow

How does the flow of information proceed ?

With a CML license, the group will designate one point designate, who will receive all the information and coordinate between Salgenx and the CML group.

While all information can be received by all in the group, the one-point communication is key for efficient and accurate dissemination of data, plans, consulting, and technology.

For example, for the flow pump cad/cam plans, a download link would be provided for the group. If any questions, comments, or direction is needed, the group would forward all questions to the designate, to communicate with Salgenx.

This provides the orderly flow of information, without duplication and unneeded excess of time for consulting.


Please contact Salgenx for pricing, de-risking flowchart, and more.

Email: CML Pricing and Information

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