About Salgenx

Salgenx is a divison of Infinity Turbine LLC.

Infinity Turbine has a rich history in renewable energy which goes back to 1985.


We fund development through licensing and sales.

We don't have, and we don't want investors.

Investors change the narrative.

We believe in low technology, which doesn't require hundreds of millions of dollars investment.

About Infinity Turbine LLC

Here is the landscape of battery development:

Investors require patents to secure their money.

However, a patent makes all your intellectual property public fair game. It may take up to two years to publish, and everyone can see how it works, and make small changes to side-step the patent.

You need to patent in every country, where you think it may be copied.

Then, you need huge amounts of money to defend it. Remember Apple vs. Samsung ?

Huge investments are needed for marginal projects.

Poor efficiencies require large funding.

Exotic materials require large funding.

High pressures require sophisticated sealing techniques, which require large funding.

Apple vs. Samsung 10 Year Legal Battle

Ultimately, jurors found Samsung had infringed on the majority of the patents in question - including software features like double-tap zooming and scrolling. Many devices also infringed on hardware style or icon setup. Although Apple won most of the battles, Samsung found way to design around the patents Apple claimed it copied, said Michael Risch, a patent law professor at Villanova University.

One lesson is consumers will drive tech more than patents. Samsung went where it thought consumers wanted ... and Apple stayed with its distinctive smaller shape for a much longer period than Samsung, Risch said. Sometimes patent (lawsuits) can drive innovation in ways we may not have expected.

Apple and Samsung settle their epic patent infringement battle

Apple and Samsung End Smartphone Patent Wars

Hydrogen is Not the Future

Hydrogen gets stored under high pressure.

Hydrogen escapes to atmosphere.

It becomes a contributor to green house gas warming.

From reference below:

Hydrogen is not a greenhouse gas, but its chemical reactions in the atmosphere affect greenhouse gases like methane, ozone, and stratospheric water vapor. In this way, emissions of hydrogen can cause global warming, despite its lack of direct radiative properties.

Atmospheric Implications of Increased Hydrogen Use (pdf)

New study estimates global warming potential of hydrogen

A multi-model assessment of the Global Warming Potential of hydrogen

Hydrogen twice as powerful a greenhouse gas as previously thought: UK government study

Flow Battery Materials

The Salgenx flow battery primarily uses natural or recyclable materials. The liquid electrolytes are brine or seawater, mineral oil (or other natural oils). The cathode materials are mainly carbon based.

We Don't Use Government Funding and Don't Use Taxpayer Money

Unlike many Universities, or other research groups, we don't use any government money (which is ultimately taxpayer money).

We are self-funded through selling licenses.

Invest in Yourself

Instead of making more profits for BYD, CATL, Panasonic, or Tesla, why not buy a license and make money for yourself and your friends ?

TEL: +1 608-238-6001 Email: greg@salgenx.com

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