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Li-Seawater batteries ( li-seawater-batteries )

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Press Kit T (510) 841–7242 F (510) 841–4313 info@polyplus.com 2424 Sixth St. Berkeley, CA. 94710 Introduction: The global race is on to develop a new chemistry that outperforms the Li- ion based batteries that are the current workhorse of mobile devices. Li- ion batteries were first invented in the 1970s and 80s, and were commercialized in 1990 by Sony. After decades of incremental improvements, Li-ion battery technology has matured and cell performance is approaching a plateau. The limited performance of Li-ion technology will become a major impediment for advances in the consumer electronics industry, the electric vehicle industry, for military hardware, and for clean energy applications. PolyPlus Battery Company develops lightweight batteries based on lithium metal anodes. In the early 2000s, PolyPlus invented and patented the protected lithium electrode (PLE), a core technology that enables the use of ultra-light metallic lithium anodes in batteries. PolyPlus has used the PLE concept to develop both primary and rechargeable batteries with lithium metal anodes. PolyPlus’ inventions include non-aqueous Li/sulfur batteries, primary Li-Seawater, primary and rechargeable Li-Air, and rechargeable aqueous Li-Sulfur batteries. PolyPlus has further developed its battery prototypes, and is currently pushing toward manufacturing. The recent progress for our Li-Air and Li-Seawater batteries is highlighted here. If you have any questions, please email us at info@polyplus.com, or connect with our media contact: Hannah Ray hray@polyplus.com (510) 841-7242 2424 Sixth Street Berkeley CA 94710

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Li-Seawater batteries

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Product and Development Focus for Salgenx

Redox Flow Battery Technology: With the advent of the new USA tax credits for producing and selling batteries ($35/kW) we are focussing on a simple flow battery using shipping containers as the modular electrolyte storage units with tax credits up to $140,000 per system.

Our main focus is on the salt battery. This battery can be used for both thermal and electrical storage applications.

We call it the Cogeneration Battery or Cogen Battery.

One project is converting salt (brine) based water conditioners to simultaneously produce power.

In addition, there are many opportunities to extract Lithium from brine (salt lakes, groundwater, and producer water).

Salt water or brine are huge sources for lithium. Most of the worlds lithium is acquired from a brine source. It's even in seawater in a low concentration. Brine is also a byproduct of huge powerplants, which can now use that as an electrolyte and a huge flow battery (which allows storage at the source).

We welcome any business and equipment inquiries, as well as licensing our flow battery manufacturing.

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