Salgenx SAMx 250 kWh Salt Battery Array System

Configuration may vary depending on options

Salgenx SAMx 250 kWh Salt Water Array Battery System

250 kWh Completed Battery System.

Uses IBC (Intermediate bulk containers are DOT/UN approved containers)

48V (other voltages and configurations available)

25 kW electrolyzer stack can be configured up to 250 kW, for extra cost.

Upgrade to over 1 MWh capacity.

This is a bi-lateral battery system which allows storing and discharge simultaneously.

Price: $99,000 ($378.00 per kW) but add tanks to make into over 1 MWh battery capacity ($79/kWh).

Note: This is basic battery only. 25 kW electrolyzer stack. That means slow charging and maximum 25 kW discharge rate. Does not include charge controller or inverter. Customers have been asking for a bare basic system at a low price.

Salgenx SAMx Flow Battery:

250 kWh: Tax Credit $35 x 250 kW = $9,155 per unit sold

1000 kWh: Tax Credit $35 x 1000 kW = $35,000 per unit sold


(2) IBC Stainless Steel Tank Containers with Command and Control Array Cart.

You supply water, salt, off-the-shelf counter electrolyte.

Current build time from authorized licensed manufacturer: 6-12 months.

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Salgenx SAMx Product Information

Salgenx SAMx Product Information

Salgenx 550 gallon IBC side by side SAMx liquid electrolyte solution tanks for 250 kWh system

SAMx 250 kWh Line Drawing

Line drawing of the IBC tank for SAMx.

SAMx 250 kWh Line Drawing pdf

SAMx 250 kWh Line Drawing

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