Salgenx Modular Blade Electrolyzer Battery Cell Unit


Salgenx Modular Block Cell Electrolyzer Unit

Blade $10,000 to $30,000 each depending on model application (plus shipping).

1.6-1.8 V discharge cell voltage.

Stack these up to make a full electrolyzer stack and full battery.

1.1 Voltage factor (i.e. 12V = 12 x 1.1 = 13.2 V charging). Divide by 1.6 V as lowest discharge.

Round up and decimal units to make next higher cell voltage.

1.6-1.8 V discharge cell voltage.

200-3500 amps per module.

Each 1.8 V cell can be 1-10 kW power density.

12V = 8 standard cells

24V = 16 standard cells

48V = 32 standard cells

120V = 83 expanded cells

240V = 160 expanded cells

480V = 320 expanded cells

960V = 640 expanded cells

Larger electrolyte tank capacity equals more storage capacity (kWh).

Dimensions: 20 in (508 mm) height x 30 (762 mm) in length x 12 in (305 mm) wide.

Does not include electrolyzer flow bar manifold.


Aqueous and Organic


Aqueous and Organic

Sensors (optional):

Volts, amps, temperature, pH, flow, optional ports for added sensors (future proof).

First few versions are still in Beta stage (not final product).

Non-disclosure agreement has to be signed prior shipment.

Blade Cell Electrolyzer Beta (pdf)

Email: Blade Electrolyzer


Front Panel

The front panel of the Salgenx Flow Bladex Electrolyzer module will have basic user inputs for ease of setting up, operation, and maintenance.

The panel is like a server blade in that you can number it up to increase battery system voltage and current.

Since it is a flow battery with aqueous and organic fluid flows, there are view ports which not only allow visual eyesight monitoring, but also via a camera, laser, or other optics which allow remote viewing or sensing.

There are two electrode panels which are easily removable for servicing or replacement if needed.

A simple digital status and operation indicator are available.

The purpose of the blade is as a electrolyzer which accepts a charge and as the discharge point of the flow battery. The blade is unique from its many functions and ease in assembly, operation, and maintenance.

The 1.8 V module can be used to connect in series or parallel, which gives you the flexibility to build a battery of any DC voltage and amperage.

Increasing surface area of the electrodes and flow equals more power.

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