Salt Water Flow Battery Technology Licensing

Saltwater battery technology and unlimited manufacturing licensing is now available

Saltwater battery technology and unlimited manufacturing licensing is now available

License to Manufacture and Sell

We are pleased to announce that the saltwater battery technology is now available for licensing. This innovative system features two electrolyte tanks, with one specifically designed for salt water or brine.

Notably, this technology operates without the need for a membrane.

By obtaining this license and leveraging our expert guidance, you have the opportunity to pioneer the commercial deployment of this groundbreaking technology. Our team specializes in saltwater flow batteries and will collaborate closely with your own team to optimize your core offerings according to the specific needs of your customers.

Note: Please be aware that, in order to prioritize our commitment to licensee holders, we have decided to limit the number of licenses sold each year. This ensures that each licensee receives dedicated support and attention.

Salgenx S3000 Model Information

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Licensee Technology and Buyer Frequently Asked Questions

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Franchise Opportunity

Partner with us to receive a complete supply of parts, which you can assemble using either your own brand name or ours.

One-Time Franchise Fee: Available.

Annual Franchise Option Fee: Available.

Please email for pricing.

Price increase expected 1 October 2023.

Other options available.

For More Info…

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How to buy a license

How to buy a license

How to buy a license

Our approach involves the development of cutting-edge technology followed by licensing to builders and manufacturers, enabling us to rapidly introduce new tech into the market ahead of others. This agile strategy allows us to move at the speed of light in bringing innovation to the forefront.

If you are interested in purchasing a flow battery directly, we recommend reaching out to one of our licensed manufacturers who can cater to your needs.

For those seeking to acquire a license for our technology, please refer to the provided flow chart or reach out to us via email for further assistance.

It's worth noting that our saltwater flow battery represents a groundbreaking advancement as the first large-scale technology of its kind to enter the market.

How to buy a license (flowchart in pdf)

Licensee Technology and Buyer Frequently Asked Questions answered by Open A I.

Salgenx Technology Report


Unlimited License Fee

Updated as of 29 September 2023, following extensive tank and flow testing.

Unlimited Manufacturing Opportunity:

We offer a pricing structure based on your specific application for unlimited manufacturing. This pricing includes no royalties and eliminates the need for tracking or reporting.

To inquire about the pricing for territory or exclusive options, please feel free to contact us via email or phone.

Salgenx S3000 Model Information

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Factory Setup for a Grid Scale Salt Water Flow Battery

Salgenx Technology Report


License Fee Schedule

Price: $2,500,000 USD.

Price increase expected 1 December 2023.

Unlimited build license for any size.


• Schematics for plumbing and wiring together multiple tank and dry containers for battery infrastructure.

• Components with supplier lists.

• Advanced and cost-effective cathode materials for larger-scale production (recipies | methodology | electrode types).

• Advanced electrolyzer design options for larger-scale production.

• Six months of support from our chemical engineer and electrical engineer.

• Full supplier list for all components and anode/cathode materials.

• Updates for six months.

• Access to desalination and graphene development when available (fee based)

Exclusive Options Available:

• Territory selection.

• Market specialization.

• Renewable on a yearly basis.

Please note that the initial purchase includes updates for the first 180 days after the delivery date. After that, you have the option to purchase annual updates.

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Factory Setup for a Grid Scale Salt Water Flow Battery

Salgenx Technology Report


Salgenx Technology Readiness Level Graph

Salgenx has achieved a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) above 3, as indicated by NASA's readiness level graph.

Our objective in technology licensing is to collaborate closely with the licensee in order to advance the technology to TRL 5 and TRL 6, tailored to the specific system model configuration required for the desired power and voltage in the customer application.

Responsibility for progressing from TRL 7 to TRL 9 rests with the licensee, at which point the technology reaches the Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL).

Salgenx Technology Readiness Level Graph (pdf)

TRL Defined

TRL Assessment Guide (pdf)

Salgenx Technology Report

Salgenx Technology Readiness Level Graph

Salgenx Technology Readiness Level Graph




A: A design for a 3000 kW saltwater flow battery utilizing tank shipping containers or tank trailers (compatible with any liquid-holding tank). The S6000, S12MW, and S18MW are scalable variants derived from the S3000 design. The S3000 features a rack-mounted electrode stack (RAID) and incorporates a command and control system design.

B: Comprehensive system design and flow diagrams, including PID (Process and Instrumentation Diagrams), implemented using Filemaker database software. Covers liquid flow routing, electrode design and fabrication, assembly, and manufacturing strategies.

C: Worldwide unlimited build license (exclusive territory option available).

D: Access to fee-based consulting services, startup assistance, installation support, on-demand maintenance communication contracts, and more.

E: Updates provided for 180 days from the purchase, covering electrode and system enhancements. Additional updates available as an option.

F: Yearly subscription fee for design updates, including product enhancements and other improvements.

G: Supplier lists for components.

H: QR Code-based Filemaker database enabling on-demand purchase of consumables, such as electrode components and catalysts.

I: Consideration of both in-house manufacturing and contractor-supplied parts for assembly strategies. Note: Utilizing contractors for part assembly may impact tax credits.

J: Cogeneration strategies incorporating heat pump capacities for simultaneous thermal storage (currently under development, to be included in yearly updates).

K: Parts list available for purchase from Infinity Turbine LLC, including catalysts and fully assembled electrodes.


This licensing is offered jointly by Infinity Turbine LLC and Salgenx.

Licenses are strictly for the purchaser's use and cannot be repackaged or resold unless explicitly stated in the License Agreement.

Access to the database files requires Filemaker software, compatible with Windows, Mac, and IOS devices. All Filemaker Solutions are written and coded on a Mac and not tested on Windows machines.

Salgenx S3000 Model Information

Salgenx Technology Report

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