Salt Water Flow Battery Technology Licensing

Saltwater battery technology and unlimited manufacturing licensing is now available

License to Manufacture and Sell

Licensing is now available for the saltwater battery technology. This system has two electrolyte tanks (one of which is salt water or brine). It does not have, nor use a membrane.

This license and guidance provided allows you to de-risk the deployment, as you are the first into the commercial marketplace.

We are your subject matter experts for saltwater flow batteries.

We work together with your team to enhance your core for your customer needs.

Note: To focus on serving licensee holders, we are limiting the number of licenses sold to ten per year worldwide.

Salgenx S3000 Model Information

Email: License Information

Licensee Technology and Buyer Frequently Asked Questions answered by Open A I.

How to buy a license

How to buy a license

We develop technology and then license to builders and manufacturers. That way we can move at the speed of light to get new tech into the market first.

If you only want to buy a flow battery, you can contact one of our licensed manufacturers.

If you want to buy a license, please see the flow chart or email us.

Our technology will be the first large salt water flow battery to the market.

How to buy a license (flowchart in pdf)

Licensee Technology and Buyer Frequently Asked Questions answered by Open A I.

Unlimited License Fee

Updated 27 March 2023 after tank and flow testing.

Unlimited Manufacturing:

There is one tier pricing based on your application for unlimited manufacturing. No royalties. No tracking or reporting.

Please email or call for your application license pricing. Exclusive options available.

Salgenx S3000 Model Information

Email: License Information

Salgenx Technology Readiness Level Graph

As of March 2023, Salgenx is at TRL (graph developed by NASA to indicate readiness level of technology) somewhere above 3.

The goal of technology licensing is to work with licensee to formulate TRL 5 and TRL 6 according to system model configuration (power and volts desired for customer application).

The licensee is responsible for TRL 7 through TRL 9, where it then becomes a MRL (manufacturing readiness level).

Salgenx Technology Readiness Level Graph (pdf)

Salgenx Technology Readiness Level Graph



A: 3000 kW saltwater flow battery design based on using tank shipping containers or tank trailers (of course you can use any tank which holds liquid). The S6000, S12MW, and S18MW are variants of numbering up the S3000. The S3000 has a rack mounted electrode stack (RAID) and other command and control design.

B: System design and flow diagrams including PID for flows based on using Filemaker database software. Includes liquid flow routing, electrode design and fabrication, assembly, manufacturing strategy.

C: Unlimited build license worldwide (exclusive territory optional).

D: Access to fee based consulting, startup, installation, on-demand maintenance communication contract and more.

E: Updates: 180 days from purchase for electrode and system updates. Additional updates as option.

F: Yearly subscription fee for design updates including product enhancements and more.

G: Suppliers lists for components.

H: QR Code based Filemaker database for on-demand purchase of any consumables including electrode components and catalysts.

I: In-house manufacturing versus contractor supplied parts for assembly strategies. Note: Using contractors and only assembling parts may reduce tax credit.

J: Cogeneration strategies including heat pump capacities for simultaneous thermal storage (currently being developed and will be released during yearly updates).

K: Parts list for purchase from Infinity Turbine LLC including catalysts and fully assembled electrodes.


This licensing is provided by Infinity Turbine LLC and Salgenx.

Licenses are for purchaser only and may not be repackaged or resold unless specifically stated in License Agreement.

Filemaker database software is required to access database files. Windows, Mac, and IOS devices.

Salgenx S3000 Model Information

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