Build Your Own Brand and IP Maker Kit

Build Your Own Brand Opportunity Using Your Staff, Lab, and Funding to Build a Product

If you want to use your lab, time, and funding to develop your own IP and saltwater flow battery, we can provide consulting and strategy.

We provide you with a strategy on how to optimize efficiency, while you provide all the resources to experiment, formulate, and ultimately develop the product to market.

One-Time Fee: $250,000

Updates: $150,000

Our resource package is provided via download and includes Filemaker database solutions (tools needed to organize and deploy information for research to commercial product):

-Research database

-Electrode maker

-Experimental database

-Tax credits


-Manufacturing database

-Anode Materials

-Cathode Materials

Price increase expected 1 October 2023.

Other options available:

Desalination Module

Graphene Module

Carbon Nano-Onions (CNO)

Cogeneration (ORC)

Thermal Storage

AI Database for Press Release

Build Option Questions

Advantages of controlling your own development and commercialization

The biggest advantage of developing your own product is that you can own the IP (intellectual property).

You can steer your team to develop a battery for a specific industry.

We provide you with the basics and where research should be directed, while you provide the large funding, time, and resources to build and control your own product.

You directly control the element of time and market position.

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